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Decreases Fine Lines & Wrinkles!
Dr. Linus Pauling, a guru of anti-aging, recognized the importance of Vitamin C and the role it played for our body. For optimal health, he took 3-4 grams of powdered Vitamin C mixed with honey via homeopathic administration. So in 1995 when Dr. Zaveri decided to make the tri-peptide for this formulation she kept Dr. Pauling's analysis in mind. After a skin square test that measured optimum percentage of vitamin C required for proline incorporation, emerged a product that promoted collagen renewal and skin lightening in an industry leading, 28% anhydrous Vitamin C formulation.
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SkinHealix Silk-C Serum

• Collagen renewal
• Fades skin blemishes and brighter skin tone
• Protects from UV light.

Skin needs Vitamin C to synthesize collagen.  SkinHealix Silk-C Serum contains a patented bioactive peptide developed for collagen synthesis to be measured at peak performance level. Our SkinHealix Silk-C Serum contains no preservatives. Vitamin C does NOT oxidize due to the essential fatty acids in our formulation. SkinHealix Silk-C Serum is a multi-faceted bridge product: a core anti-aging serum, skin protectant, skin lightener, moisturizing agent, and an antioxidant powerhouse of Vitamins C, E and A. SkinHealix Silk-C Serum includes Dimethicone, a FDA approved ingredient as a skin protectant. SkinHealix Silk-C Serum absorbs within minutes and is perfect for use after facial procedures such as peels and laser starting day 0 and will not cause any infection.

• Neutralizes free radicals.

Decrease of fine lines and wrinkles leading to silky and smooth skin
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