SkinHealix 180 Serum Lift
Anti-Aging Antiogen Wrinkle Treatment!
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180 Serum Lift
Five (5) Minute "Face Lift" Treatment with Patented Targeted Peptides!
XO SkinHealix 180 Serum Lift is a breakthrough scientific cosmeceutical that works to instantly combat fine lines and wrinkles. It is tomorrow’s innovative technology, today! SkinHealix 180 Serum Lift was pioneered by XO Lifestyle Worldwide Co-founder, Dr. Chanda Zaveri.  It is a five (5) minute "face lift" treatment that contains patented targeted peptides.  A super-fine suspension of light reflecting particles make the skin’s surface appear completely flawless. Within a few minutes pores and fine lines start to disappear and the skin’s surface appears nearly perfect--while our proprietary peptides work behind the scenes on long term improvement.
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SkinHealix 180 Serum Lift

The patented targeted peptides in SkinHealix 180 Serum Lift instantly diminishes face and eye wrinkles, instantly improves skin tone and appearance, instantly reduces the appearance of crow’s feet around the eyes, instantly reduces dark circles under the eyes, minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores & mattifies the skin., SkinHealix 180 Serum Lift is a five minute face lift in a bottle.  Just say "NO" to botox!
SkinHealix 180 Serum Lift instantly smooths out wrinkles while our patented proprietary targeted peptides work behind the scenes to create long lasting improvement in the elasticity and overall health of your skin.

Whether we laugh, cry, smile or even talk our facial expressions engage the muscles below the surface of the skin. Over time the skin loses its ability to return to perfect smoothness and expression lines develop. As a healthy alternative to facial injections (botox), SkinHealix 180 Serum Lift instantly lifts the skin to minimize fine lines and wrinkles while our patented proprietary targeted peptides work on a more permanent basis to reverse the loss of elasticity in the skin.

SkinHealix 180 Serum Lift
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SkinHealix's exclusive patented formulas combine both advanced science and ancient botanicals to produce a collection of skin care products that are among the most effective in the beauty industry.

SkinHealix's products feature Dr. Zaveri's own proprietary multi-peptides together with vitamins, minerals, and herbal and plant extracts that work in synergy to produce superior results.

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